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Spartacusxxx: When in Rome

Spartacusxxx: When in Rome: SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — Ancient Rome, that epic world of emperors, orgies and gladiators, is once again being recreated for a movie —...

When in Rome

    SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — Ancient Rome, that epic world of emperors, orgies and gladiators, is once again being recreated for a movie — not on a Hollywood soundstage but at a remote, sprawling ranch in the hilly, northern reaches of Los Angeles County.
Spartacus XXX” is a joint venture of London-Gunn and Miko Lee Productions, that will be distributed by Wicked Pictures. That’s Marcus London and Tommy Gunn, who own the ranch where a gladiator training camp has been recreated. The scene in progress is a practice session for the fighters.
Under the blazing California sun, three pairs of glads work out under the eye of a fourth pair. Gunn, co-producer and co-star, is paired with a mainstream actor. They hit each other’s shields with their swords — whack-whack, whack-whack, one-two, one-two — over and over, monotonously.
“Fuck, my arm’s on fire right now,” Gunn exclaims. He puts down his sword and takes a break.
As Crixus, he has a barbarian look: long hair, beard, buckskin leggings. I say the first thing that pops into my mind, “You look authentic!”
“That’s the point,” he replies, downing an energy drink. He and London, who’s directing the show, want everything — from costumes to weapons to behavior — to look as it did (to the best of anyone’s knowledge) in 1st Century Rome.
The actors are on a patch of sand bordered on two sides by rough-hewn timber walls — the gladiators’ training ground in a Roman arena. The third wall is a green screen, to be used for CGI crowd scenes. On the fourth wall is the camera, manned by Wicked stalwart Francois Clousot. On a track, it moves laterally, covering all the action.
The only odd thing is the absence of women. To be on a straight porn set and not see a babe in front of the camera is strange. True, there’s Devon Lee, London’s sexy wife, who has a leading role in the movie, but today she’s just working as crew.
It turns out that the babe-work has wrapped, leaving the final shooting days for men only. The cast is loaded with women. In addition to Lee, they include Gracie Glam, Tanya Tate, India Summer, Andy San Dimas, Melanie Rios, Jenna Presley, Prinzzess, Charley Chase. Among the other men are London’s longtime pal Tony DeSergio (as the gladiators’ owner Batiatus), T.J. Cummings, Nacho Vidal, Jack Vegas, Marco Rivera. There’s an unusually large number of non-sex actors, including Wicked’s Brad Armstrong as a Roman senator.
There were four days of sex and dialogue, one day for fight training (under Paul Rapovski, a Toronto-based stunt coordinator), and two final days for shooting the action, which will include wire-assisted moves with the help of a very large crane waiting nearby.
“The fighting has to be convincing,” says London, in loincloth and leggings as Spartacus.
During a break, he and Gunn are eager to explain that their movie is not a parody but a serious retelling, with hardcore sex, of the Spartacus story. He says they were “inspired” by the cable TV series, using it as “a blueprint.”
They spent four months on pre-production, building all the sets on the ranch, where the entire movie, indoors and out, was shot. All the weapons, helmets and costumes were handmade — a “very, very long process, with no cutting corners.”
Gunn says they knew they couldn’t find the gear they needed at Hollywood prop shops, so they created their own. Hauling out a mean-looking, six-foot-high trident, he points to its razor-sharp tines and laughs, “It’ll hurt ya!”
London says, with perhaps some exaggeration but pardonable pride, “It took more time and effort than has ever been put into any adult film.”
He and Gunn point to bruises and cuts on their hands and arms from building and fighting. “We’re gonna bleed for our fucking art.”
The two men, who’ve been friends ever since they met on the set of James Avalon’s “Darkside” in 2005, took their project to three major companies. Wicked expressed interest but London balked at the idea of using condoms — a Wicked requirement for in-house movies — as anachronistic. He also didn’t want to have to use contract girls.
“So,” he says, “we told them, ‘we’ll fund it, you distribute it.’” And that was the deal. They obtained financing, entering into an agreement with Miko Lee Productions. She is executive producer. Their budget was big enough to allow for the seven-day shoot — a luxury in porn. As for post-production, Gunn says there’s not a lot, but “we have our work cut out for us.” The upside of all their labor is that, with sets and weaponry already made, “a sequel will be a walk in the park.”
London figures that if they deliver a first-class product, “The investor gets his money back and we make more movies.”
Gunn sets his sights even higher: their raising the bar may “inspire our peers to do better.”
They’re called back to the set to shoot the gladiators saluting their owner. Eight men line up facing the camera. “Attend your master!” orders their trainer Doctore, played by Lucas Stone, a tall, powerfully built African-American.
“You guys are looking up at a balcony,” says Devon Lee.
“Everyone look at the top of that tree,” instructs London. “Count 20 and then —‘Batiatus! Batiatus!” The gladiators yell, pump their arms and strike their shields — and for a few thrilling seconds it does indeed look like the real thing.

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Real Action

Real Action something you wont find in most adult movies out there each fight scene was created and took five hours to shoot blood sweat and tears plus I lost my thumb nail as a sword sliced through it as Reno came at me with both swords blazing so to speak, above you see Vero in his last moments before Scapular throws his over his head on to the hot sand.
Where else can you find this in an adult production  NOWHERE!

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Devon Lee becomes Lucretia

I looked long and hard to decide who would play this role of the women who would make Crixus drop to his knees, it soon became clear i needed an actress that could not only understand the character she was to become but a women that would embrace the chance to be involved in a movie of this magnitude, many would see it as work another job, but not Devon she was learning the lines and watching the show just to have the chance to show me what she could do and the fact i would be able to school her in exactly how i wanted her lines delivered every night weeks before we were to shoot was a plus to say the least.
I can tell you this she surprised me more than I expected an played the role in a way which even as the director I could not find fault, her expression delivery and how amazing she looked in every scene makes me realize I made the right choice.

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Superman no Crixus yes

No it's not superman but Crixus (Tommy Gunn) as the might Gaul leaping it to the air to battle the giant who is not on set yet but hey no harm in practicing on the wires, after all its not everyday in porn you get to fly fight and defeat a monster.

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The History of Sparatcus

Biography on Spartacus - Early Life
The early life and biography of Spartacus began c109BC when Spartacus was born in Thrace. Thrace was a region of northern Greece and one of the earliest enemies of Rome. Historians suggest that Spartacus was an auxiliary in the Roman Army. Auxiliaries (from Latin: auxilia meaning "supports") formed the standing non-citizen corps of the Roman army. Auxiliary recruits were nearly all volunteers, not conscripts, providing specialist support to the Roman legions. It is possible that Spartacus deserted or committed a crime - the punishment being that he was sold as a slave. Slave Traders worked in all of the provinces of the Roman Republic and their newly acquired 'property' were sold in Slave Auctions to the highest bidders.

Biography of Spartacus - the Gladiator School
Lentulus Batiatus purchased Spartacus who was taken to the gladiator school at Capua. New Gladiators were formed into troupes called 'Familia gladiatorium' which were under the overall control of a manager (lanista) who recruited, arranged for training and made the decisions of where and when the gladiators fought. The gladiator schools also served as barracks, or in some cases prisons, for gladiators between their fights. There was one of these gladiator schools at Capua, which was owned by Lentulus Batiatus.  The name of his troupe of gladiators (familia) was named after their owner e.g. Famalia Batiatus.

Biography of Spartacus - the Gladiators Rebel
The regime at the training school was extremely strict and Spartacus together with 70 - 80 other gladiators rebelled and fought their way out of the school. They took knives from the kitchen and killed the guards. The band of gladiators, led by Spartacus, succeeded in obtaining proper arms and weapons, and took refuge in the crater of Vesuvius, at that time an extinct volcano (73BC).

Biography of Spartacus - The beginning of the Slave Army at Vesuvius
The gladiator band take refuge on the side of Mount Vesuvius (near modern Naples) led by Spartacus with his aides who were called Crixus, Castus, Gannicus and Oenomaus. Spartacus and the band of gladiators were soon joined by large numbers of slaves. Spartacus was soon at the head of a formidable army. The desolation of the Social and Civil Wars had depopulated Italy, whilst the employment of slave labor furnished Spartacus with an endless supply of slave soldiers. The runaway slaves included old people, women and children who camped with the gladiators in the crater of Mount Vesuvius. The small group of gladiators plunder and pillage around the area and are quickly joined by large numbers of runaway slaves. Spartacus is soon at the head of a formidable slave army and this triggers the Third Servile War.

Biography of Spartacus - The Battles of Spartacus
For two years Spartacus was master of Italy, which he laid waste from the foot of the Alps to the southernmost corner of the Italian peninsula.

Biography of Spartacus - The Defeat of Glaber
The praetor Clodius Glaber, with 3,000 soldiers, was the first army to be sent by the Senate from Rome to quell the slave revolt. The over confident Glaber and his troops are defeated by the slave army at Mount Vesuvius. Glaber did not fortify his camp properly and his troops were taken by surprise when the gladiator army attacked. The Roman troops suffered a humiliating defeat.

Biography of Spartacus - The Slave army is split
After the victory over Glaber and his Roman troops many more runaway slaves joined Spartacus and his gladiator army increased to 30,000 escaped slaves by 72BC. The slave army then splits, separating into ranks according to their natural languages and electing their own leaders.

Biography of Spartacus - Victory at the Battle at Picenum
Following the humiliating defeat of Glaber the Senate in Rome sends the two consuls (Gellius Publicola and Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Clodianus), each with two Roman legions, against the rebel slave army. The armies clash at the Battle at Picenum. Many Gauls and Germans were defeated by Publicola and their leader, Crixus, is killed. Spartacus then confronts the troops of Lentulus and gains a great victory. He then moves on and fights and defeats Publicola and his Roman troops. Spartacus has managed to defeat both of the consuls who were sent against him and the slave army.

Biography of Spartacus - Victory at the Battle at Mutina
Next Spartacus and the slave army fight in the Battle at Mutina. The slave army defeats another legion under the command of Gaius Cassius Longinus, the Governor of Cisalpine Gaul. Spartacus counsels the slave army to escape to freedom via the Alps. Some agree and as many as 5000 slaves escape from Italy. However, the Gauls and Germans refuse to go, wanting to the opportunity to rob and pillage more Romans. Spartacus, demonstrating allegiance to his comrades in arms, remains with the slave army despite his own concerns and wishes.

Biography of Spartacus - Crassus is appointed Supreme head of the Roman Forces
The senate in Rome realises that Spartacus is becoming a real threat. Marcus Licinius Crassus is appointed to the supreme command of the war, who had greatly distinguished himself in the wars of Sulla. Crassus had been rewarded by the Dictator Sulla with donations of confiscated property, and had accumulated an immense fortune. Six legions were now given him in addition to the remains of the Consular armies that were already in the field.

Biography of Spartacus - Defeat for Crassus
Spartacus keeps the slave army together moving to southern Italy where they can hire pirate ships to Sicily (the location of the first two Servile Wars). Once in Sicily Spartacus plans to insight more uprisings against the Romans. During this period the slave army defeats two more Roman legions under Crassus. The Roman troops were disheartened and disorganized by defeat. Crassus is totally enraged by his Roman troops. Crassus decides to inflict the punishment of Decimation on his Roman soldiers for cowardice - this results in the Roman soldiers becoming more afraid of Crassus than of the gladiator army of Spartacus.

Biography of Spartacus - Betrayal by The Pirates
By the end of 72 BC, Spartacus was encamped in Rhegium near the Strait of Messina. Spartacus is then betrayed by the Cilician pirates and his plan to transport a taskforce of the slave army to Sicily falls through. He has no alternative but to keep on fighting.

Biography of Spartacus - Crassus tries to trap Spartacus
In 71 BC Crassus attempts to trap Spartacus and his slave army at Calabria by building a ditch and a wall, nearly sixty kilometers long and five meters wide across the 'toe' of Italy from sea to sea. His plan is to contain the army of slaves and cut off their supplies. But Spartacus manages to break through the lines of defence built by Crassus and the slave army escapes towards Brundisium.

Biography of Spartacus - The Death of Spartacus
The army of Crassus hastened in pursuit of Spartacus and the slave army.. The two sides met in Lucania and a desperate battle ensued known as the Battle at the River Silarus. This is believed to be the final battle and the death of Spartacus. In a document written by Appian of Alexandria (c.95BC-c.165BC) he stated that "The fight was long, and bitterly contested, since so many tens of thousands of men had no other hope. Spartacus was wounded in the thigh with a spear and sank upon his knee, holding his shield in front of him and contending in this way against his assailants until he and the great mass of those with him were surrounded and slain". The body of Spartacus is never found.

Biography of Spartacus - The End of the Third Servile War
The death of Spartacus heralded the end of the slave uprising and the Third Servile War. Crassus wreaked terrible retribution on the slave army ordering that the 6,000 slave captives are crucified along the Appian Way from Brundisium to Rome. Their bodies were left to rot as an example to all slaves and any others who rebel against the authority of Rome. 5,000 of the slave army manage to escape capture and flee north. But they are met by General Pompey as he was returning from Spain, and completely cut to pieces. Crassus had, in reality, brought the War of Spartacus to an end, but Pompey took the credit to himself, and wrote to the Senate, saying, "Crassus, indeed, has defeated the enemy, but I have extirpated them by the roots." Pompey claims credit for ending the slave war and is granted a triumph. Crassus is given just an ovation. The Third Servile War (also referred to as the Gladiator War and The War of Spartacus) is crushed by the might of the Roman army.

Devon Lee rides again

Like you have never seen her before Devon Lee take on a role that would shake even the gods as they say Miss Lee becomes Lucretia in the epic movie Spartacus and even takes on the mantel of director on some of the movie, above she is seen riding our horse agatha while the crew is on lunch getting her ready to star in the movie later that day.

Miko Lee Beauty and Star power

The star and executive producer of Spartacus Miko Lee with her dog keeping an eye on our epic production who said girl power is dead.


Ok before you say this looks gay just remember a few things, firstly this movie is about gladiators who lived ate slept and fucked under the same roof and labeling of gay and straight back in 70bc did not occur.
So as this movie was made to be as real as possible this scene where Spartacus and Crixus square off the night before they are to fight the giant Androcoles to the death is a critical part of the story. 


Even though her scene with Tommy and the other girls in the roman bath was wrapped 6 days earlier the
wonderful Miss Chase came back to watch the guys beat the shit out of each other with the real steel swords in the two main fights of the movie.


After 6 months of prep and only 6 days of shooting i thought most of the work was done, how wrong i was
the editing process of which i have taken on myself after realizing i needed to see this project though to the bitter end without outside input to keep my vision free from others input which might steer the style of this movie to close to adult and not the way it was ment to be completed, was although the right thing to do it was however a long and trying 4 months, but i can say it is now nearly complete and looks as good if not better than the movie i saw in my head long before i yelled action.
The movie will not make it in to the stores by December or January as i would have liked by i think it is safe to say by late Feb - March this epic production will be in stores for everyone to enjoy.