Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making of the Crixus Helmet

    Here  is the speeded up version of Tommy Gunn making the helmet he used in SpartacusXXX

if looks could kill

                            Tommy Gunn as Crixus looking at the battle between Scapular and Vero


Women of Spartacusxxx

                                                              Jenna Presley as Sura

                                                             Devon Lee as Lucretia                    


                                     Andy San Dimas as Neavia  and India Summer as Gaia



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Its on

its 3 on 1 thats unfair to say the least and they have protection on, but you forget one thing i wrote the movie so i think i will be fine lol.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The big one

This is the first official teaser for Spartacusxxx

The line up

OK i know more men you say so where are the girls, well lets face it its a movie about Gladiators, so the men have to feature quite a bit to make it believable.  Now i know a normal adult movie would have had be all chicks standing there but how silly would that look really.
In Spartacus the women play the parts that back in that time that would have existed. So sue me for keeping it real. 


                               A look at a small part of the action contained within Spartacusxxx

BTS Its big its green no its not the hulk

Its way better than a green monster porn movie i mean really do you want to see a green painted man fuck or would you rather see a hot dirty gladiator have his way with a beautiful Innocent slave girl

1st Teaser for Spartacusxxx

We made this in our backyard in April just after dinner just to see what it may look like before we went in to production in July 

Old Spartcusxxx test teaser

Spartacus poster

So what do you think, its just something we came up with late the other evening and made while eating steak and corn on the cob but i think it speaks for itself.
Its a movie and that's the only way i want it to be perceived the adult content contained in the film was shot not in the same style as many adult productions but with feeling and heart allowing the characters being portrayed to became their on screen persona

Can a adult movie really look this good

The answer is yes it can if its Spartacusxxx that is, but why?
Well after spending 4 months of prep building, designing and forging steel weapons swords, shields, leather amour just to make this production look more authentic than any other before it and just to show the world adult movies can be more than just poor acting, cheap sets, fake sex and well badly shot footage.
None of which can be found in this movie we did what we set out to do.  We made something to be proud of not for money, but for the love of making real movies just with sex  Real Sex. 

sex love and battle

Tommy Gunn as ( Crixus ) gets what every man wants at bathtime

Tommy Gunn as ( Crixus ) gets what every man wants at Bathtime

Saturday, August 27, 2011