Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Devon Lee becomes Lucretia

I looked long and hard to decide who would play this role of the women who would make Crixus drop to his knees, it soon became clear i needed an actress that could not only understand the character she was to become but a women that would embrace the chance to be involved in a movie of this magnitude, many would see it as work another job, but not Devon she was learning the lines and watching the show just to have the chance to show me what she could do and the fact i would be able to school her in exactly how i wanted her lines delivered every night weeks before we were to shoot was a plus to say the least.
I can tell you this she surprised me more than I expected an played the role in a way which even as the director I could not find fault, her expression delivery and how amazing she looked in every scene makes me realize I made the right choice.

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