Sunday, September 4, 2011

Many people are asking about the male cast in Spartacusxxx well for those of you that dont know here they are.

Marcus London  - Spartacus
Tommy Gunn     - Crixus
Tony D Sergio   - Batiatus
T J Cummings    - Vero
Lucus Stone     - Doctore
V D               - Scapular
Nacho Vidal  - Legatus
Ben English  - Octavious
Brad Armstrong - Marcus Claudius
Reno             - Androcoles
Kyle Stone    - Decimus
Marco Rivera - Marco
Jack Vegas    - Gladiator
Shane           - Gladiator
Xavier          - Gladiator
Jack Lawrence - Alvinius
Eric Masterson - Roman solider
Corey -               Roman solider
Jack Vegas -      Roman solider 

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