Friday, September 9, 2011



The term new vs old is in reference to the younger women in the adult industry up against the more mature female performers that can be seen above and in the movie Spartacusxxx.
I recently noticed a tweet mentioning to a young female performer and saying that the guy she is to be paired with for a up and coming scene would only ruin it, funny but like many new young adult wanna be stars,  she just happens to be far from good performer or if i put it bluntly a good fuck, so how can that guy ruin a scene that is already doomed, especially when he is one of the best out there.
It seems when most young women that find there way in to the biz that are still not familiar with her own bodies and are uncapable of sharing themselves with another in front of a camera without looking like a startled rabbit or just over playing the scene by make noises like they are being murdered, or just plain faking their way through the whole dam thing, either way in my opinon the older women win hands down the likes of India Summer, Devon Lee, Miko Lee and Tanya Tate, to name but a few,  Now when they are in the moment there is no faking and every orgasm is real as each and every one of them and that i can vouch for as i have experienced first hand.
So i guess what this rant is about is to big up to all the beautiful mature women out there who for me i cant get enough of and keep up the amazing work entertaining all the fans out there with you sexy skills.    

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