Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Be Part Of The Next Epic Spartacus Sequel

Well can you tell from the look of this epic production that the stars of this amazing movie are about to have sex with each other, in the scene above i would think there would be a good chance sex is likely to happen, but the other pictures just tell the story of life and death faced daily by the Gladiators in 70BC what makes Spartacus.MMXI so very different to any other adult feature film before it,  was we did not try to make porn movie, we made a film and just added real sex that fit the time and the characters in our production.
In reality we told a true historic story using romance loss attraction lust and amazing highly choreographed action stunts to bring realism to a world long gone.
London Gunn is planning Spartacus 2 The rise of Crixus and we are looking for Investors to make this sequel even better than the movie that many will concider the greatest adult production ever made.
Not only will you be an Executive producer on the production you and a lucky few will get to witness what it really takes to make a movie of this magnitude and how big adult movies are just like Hollywood just without all the bullshit and you will see how down to earth the adult stars really are.
Inquries on how to become part of adult movie making history can be directed to myself here at  

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