Friday, January 27, 2012

Erotikos Film Festival invites Spartacus.MMXI

Spartacus.MMXI has been invited to the island of Jamaica to the Erotikos Film Festival in september, after the creator and organizer's heard about our amazing movie they contacted us and attended our private screening in las vegas over the AEE show.
The Festival is not open to adult productions or porn films but they were so impressed with Spartacus.MMXI they have ask us if we will attend and allow them to screen our movie along side the new film by Zalman King film called Kamikaze love, Zalman the maker of 9 1/2 Weeks and the Red Shoe Diaries is no stranger to the world of Erotica so we at London Gunn are very proud to be offered a place alongside a professional of Zalman's Calibre.

The inaugural International Erotikos Film Festival will bring feature films, short films, and music videos to be presented and judged in one of the most exotic and erotic adult locations in the world…Hedonism II.

We are responding to a yearning for more creativity in the area of erotica films and art.  The Erotikos Film Festival offers a forum for a creative, intriguing, artistic exploration of “erotic cinema” beyond mainstream pornography.
Independent filmmakers from around the world weigh in with their entertaining and provocative features, challenging and celebrating sex and sensuality as we may or may not know it.
Erotikos Film Festival will not be seeking films with a single purpose to show sex, graphically and explicitly with no need for imagination or intelligence. There are other places for these type films.
Judges will select the best films in special categories. Guests will participate in the Peoples’ Choice Award for Best Picture. Films will be awarded an EFF statue and a cash prize.
This festival is designed to raise the bar of creativity and artistic expression.  Raw hard core porn is not what we are seeking.  Erotikos Films will be made up of films that stimulates your mind as well as stirs your body.
EFF seeks films that depict drama, comedy, musicals, and romantic work that is about a subject and sex or seduction is part of the story.  It may or may not be overt. We were happy to share this erotic art form with a large international variety of people and remind them how broad human sexuality can be.

more information about the festival can be found here

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